Domestic Gates

2016 Domestic prices 


At Arun Valley Auto Gate we believe that keeping your gates in top working order should not cost the earth, with our comprehensive Service and maintenance package all your needs are covered. 

Our Service and maintenance package includes;
  • One full service per annum
  • Full force test
  • No call out fee
  • low hourly rates charged in 30 minute blocks

Having your gate serviced is key to keeping them safe and reliable and forms part of the requirements for the 2008 machinery directive, the regulation that all gates need to comply too. 
As a gate owner it is your responsibility to keep your gates well maintained, serviced and with an up to date force test certificate. 
The force test is a key part to owning an electrical gate, some insurance companies require an up to date force test certificate.  

Don't get caught out!

Call today to get your gates covered by our service and maintenance contract and relax knowing it's all taken care of.